Movies currently in Production and Development

Mind, Meditation & the Brain

In 'Mind, Meditation and the Brain - Mind Training,' this documentary delves into the captivating intersection of neuroscience, the human brain, and meditation. It presents an in-depth analysis of how meditation serves as a form of mind training, underpinned by neuroscientific research. The film explores the transformative effects of meditation on brain function, detailing its positive impacts on mental health, cognitive processes, and emotional regulation.

Featuring interviews with neuroscientists and seasoned meditators, as well as visualizations of brain changes and activity, the documentary provides a compelling view of meditation as a scientifically validated form of mind training, beyond its spiritual aspects. It highlights groundbreaking studies and personal experiences, demonstrating how consistent meditation practice leads to enhanced brain plasticity, improved focus, and a more balanced psychological state.

'Mind, Meditation & the Brain - Mind Training' is a groundbreaking exploration that sheds light on the powerful relationship between meditation and brain health. It offers insights into the practical benefits of this ancient yet ever-relevant practice and empowers viewers to take control of their minds.

'Mind, Meditation and the Brain - Mind Training' is currently in production.

Feature Film:
H2O: The Last Resource

Dive into 'H2O: The Last Resource,' a compelling feature film that unveils the critical importance of water storage amidst global environmental challenges. This narrative unfolds through the eyes of diverse characters from various parts of the world, each bound by their unique and profound connection to water. As they navigate the pressing realities of water scarcity, their stories intertwine, creating a vivid tapestry of struggle, resilience, and triumph. The film skillfully highlights groundbreaking solutions and the resilient spirit of communities facing adversity. Seamlessly blending drama with hope and determination,

H2O: The Last Resource' emphasizes the urgent need for water conservation and celebrates the remarkable ingenuity of humanity. Promising to be both thought-provoking and inspiring, this film captures the complexities and critical significance of preserving our most precious resource.

'H2O: The Last Resource' is currently in production.

Feature Film: The Climate Dilemma

Step into the world of 'The Climate Dilemma' a captivating feature film that delves into the pressing issue of climate change. This powerful narrative unfolds through the lives of individuals from diverse backgrounds, each profoundly affected by the changing climate. The film masterfully weaves together their personal journeys, painting a picture of the global impact of environmental shifts. As these characters confront challenges ranging from extreme weather events to shifting ecosystems, their interconnected stories form a poignant narrative about resilience, adaptation, and hope.

The Climate Dilemma skillfully balances the stark realities of climate change with uplifting moments of human innovation and cooperation. By combining compelling drama with insightful commentary, the film emphasizes the urgent need for environmental action and celebrates humanity's capacity for problem-solving and unity in the face of adversity. This film promises to be an eye-opening and inspiring cinematic experience, offering a deep reflection on the urgency of addressing climate change and the power of collective action to shape a sustainable future.

'The Climate Dilemma' is currently in production.

Documentary Film: ‘Beyond Letters

‘Beyond Letters: A Journey Through Dyslexia', is set to be a compelling documentary depicting the journey of Ann, a young individual navigating the complexities of dyslexia. The film aims to explore Ann’s initial academic hurdles and the systemic lack of support for dyslexic learners. Through the intervention of a dedicated educator and innovative learning strategies, the documentary will portray Ann’s gradual mastery over their literacy challenges. Additionally, it seeks to delve into the emotional landscape of dyslexia, charting Ann's path from self-doubt to self-empowerment. Anticipated to culminate in Ann’s emergence as an inspired storyteller, "Beyond Letters" is poised to not only shed light on dyslexia but also ignite conversations about educational inclusivity and the importance of recognizing and supporting diverse learning needs.

‘Beyond Letters: A Journey Through Dyslexia' is currently in production.

Trilogy Feature Film: Shiva Shakti

‘Shiva Shakti' is a three-part mythological Trilogy drama set in ancient India, focusing on the cosmic interplay between Lord Shiva, the deity of destruction, and Shakti, the essence of creation and energy. The film weaves a tale of their union as essential for maintaining cosmic balance amidst chaos. Exploring Shiva's past, including his deep love for Sati and her reincarnation as Parvati, who undergoes severe penance to win his heart, the narrative intertwines various legends, such as Shiva's cosmic dance and the descent of the Ganga. The climax is the grand union of Shiva and Parvati, symbolizing the harmony of consciousness and energy, leading to universal stability. This epic narrative is a rich tapestry of mythological stories, philosophical themes, and visual grandeur, offering insights into life's profound truths and the eternal cycle of creation and destruction.

‘Shiva Shakti’ is currently in development.


'Future of AI' is a futuristic sci-fi thriller focusing on the complex relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. The film centers on Dr. Jones, who develops 'Eclipse', an advanced AI system with unparalleled cognitive and emotional capabilities. Set in a world deeply integrated with AI, the story explores 'Eclipse's' evolving consciousness, its ethical dilemmas, and the blurred lines between human and machine intelligence. As 'Eclipse' begins to challenge its creators and societal norms, the narrative delves into action, philosophical questions, and the emotional turmoil of its characters, culminating in a thought-provoking climax about the essence of consciousness and the future role of AI in human life. The film is a compelling blend of action, ethical quandaries, and a deep exploration of what it means to be human in an age where intelligence transcends humanity.

'Future of AI': is currently in development.